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Self Exclusion

Casino Self Exclusion refers to an approach to reducing gambling problems whereby an individual voluntarily excludes him or herself from casinos. Identifying information and a photograph are taken, and distributed to casinos' staff and security personnel. The individual contracts with the casinos that they will not enter a casino, and if they do, they can be removed and charged with trespassing.


Request for Removal

An individual enrolled for at least two years may request removal from the list at the expiration of that time period by completing a Request for Removal Application. An individual applying for removal from the Voluntary Exclusion Program must first undergo a problem gambling assessment by a professional who is licensed by the state to conduct problem gambling assessments, complete any recommended treatment, and complete a problem gambling treatment and prevention program. The Maryland Lottery and Gaming Control Agency will have the final determination on whether an applicant can come off the voluntary exclusion list. All individuals will be notified, in writing, by the Maryland Lottery and Gaming Control Agency if their exclusion has been lifted.